festivald has a Basic access authentication option, with a username + password setup.

If enabled, festival-cli must also use --authorization or setup the authorization config option to connect to it.

festival-cli must connect to festivald over HTTPS or .onion if authorization is enabled or festival-cli will refuse to start.


The username & password syntax is specified here.

The "authorization" value must be:

  1. The username
  2. Followed by a single colon ":"
  3. Then the password

For example:


A request including this information looks like:

festival-cli --authorization my_user:my_pass <METHOD>

Alternatively, you can input an absolute PATH to a file festival-cli can access, containing the string, e.g:

festival-cli --authorization /path/to/auth.txt <METHOD>

In this case, festival-cli will read the file and attempt to parse it with the same syntax, i.e, the file should contain: