festival-cli is a JSON-RPC 2.0 client for festivald.

festivald is a music server that plays on the device it is running on, and is remotely controlled by clients.

festival-cli is a client that reduces the verbosity of JSON-RPC requests, so instead of:

curl http://localhost:18425 -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"method":"collection_new","params":{"paths":null}}'

You can use:

festival-cli collection_new

The typical invocation of festival-cli:

  1. Reads the config file
  2. Reads the command-line options
  3. Connects and sends a request to festivald
  4. Prints out the JSON response

A public instance of festivald with Creative Commons licensed music is available at:

For a general quick start, see the next section: Quick Start.


festival-cli is solely for connecting to, sending requests, and receiving JSON-RPC 2.0 responses from a festivald.

For more information on festivald's API, see here:

festival-cli doesn't have any options for interacting with festivald's REST API. A generic HTTP client is better suited for this job, like curl, wget, or a web browser.


To open this documentation locally:

festival-cli --docs