Like other web services, festivald can be set-up & accessed via Tor.

See here to see how to set festivald up with Tor.

festival-cli has support for HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxies, which will allow you to connect to festivald's running as Onion Services.

A public instance of festivald with Creative Commons licensed music is available at:

and its Onion Service is available at:



To connect to festivald over an Onion Service, you can use --proxy:


	--proxy socks5:// \ # The Tor SOCKS5 proxy.
	--festivald $ONION \              # The onion address mapped at `festivald`
	state_daemon                      # Method

or wrap festival-cli with torsocks:

torsocks festival-cli -f $ONION state_daemon


Since Onion Service's are end-to-end encrypted, HTTPS is not required.

Thus, festivald and festival-cli can freely pass authentication tokens around when used with onion addresses.

For festivald, since it cannot know if an onion address is being mapped to it, you must pass:

festivald --confirm-no-tls-auth

to confirm that you allow authentication without TLS.

For festival-cli, it will automatically detect if you're connecting to an onion address and will allow authentication.