In the documentation for all Objects, JSON-RPC methods, and REST endpoints there will be a "marker" defining the stability of that API. It will be 1 of the 4 listed markers here.

🟢 Stable

This marks that this API's input/output will never change, and can be relied upon.

🟡 Incomplete

This marks that the output of this API may have additions in the future.

The existing inputs/outputs will not change, however, additional output may appear.

🔴 Unstable

This marks that this API may in the future:

  • Have additions to input/output
  • Have subtractions to input/output
  • Be renamed
  • Be completely removed

It should not be relied across different festivald versions.

⚫️ Deprecated

This marks that this API has been superseded by a better one.

The old API will continue to exist, but it is recommended to use the newer one.