🟡 Incomplete

This API's output may have additions in the future.

A Song inside an Album, owned by an Artist.

Song objects hold keys to the Album it is in, acting as a relation link.

titlestringThe title of this Song
keySong key (unsigned integer)The Song key associated with this Song
albumAlbum key (unsigned integer)The Album key of the Album this Song is from
runtimeunsigned integerThe total runtime of this Song in seconds
sample_rateunsigned integerThe sample rate of this Song in hertz, e.g: 44100
trackoptional (maybe null) unsigned integerTrack number of this Song, null if not found
discoptional (maybe null) unsigned integerDisc number this Song belongs to, null if not found
mimestringAudio MIME type of this Song
extensionstringFile extension of this Song


  "title": "Song Title",
  "key": 401,
  "album": 42,
  "runtime": 132,
  "sample_rate": 44100,
  "track": 5,
  "disc": null,
  "mime": "audio/x-flac",
  "extension": "flac"