Miscellaneous parts of festivald related to audio.

Audio Output Device

festivald automatically connects to the "default" audio output device on the machine it is running on.

If a connection failure occurs during playback, it will continue to play, frequently attempting to reconnect.

If started without any audio output devices available, it will attempt to reconnect every 5 seconds, forever.

Thus, reconnecting hardware/interfaces mid-playback should be fine.

This behavior is 🔴 Unstable and may change in the future.

Ideally, an enumeration and customizable selection of all audio devices would be available.

Audio State

By default, festivald will save audio state upon clean shutdown (or CTRL+C/SIGINT), and recover audio state upon startup.

This means audio will start playing exactly where it left off, and the queue will be intact.

This can be disabled with the recover_audio_state config option or the --disable-restore-audio-state command-line flag.

Media Controls

By default, festivald will hook into the OS's native media controls to display some metadata and allow for playback via the OS's interface or via keyboard play/pause/stop/etc signals.

This can be disabled with the media_controls config option or the --disable-media-controls command-line flag.