🟡 Incomplete

This API's output may have additions in the future.

A unique Album owned by an Artist.

Uniqueness is defined by the Album's title.

Album objects hold keys to all of its Song's, acting as a relation link.

The keys inside songs is sorted by Track + Disc order.

titlestringThe title of this Album
keyAlbum key (unsigned integer)The Album key associated with this Album
artistArtist key (unsigned integer)The Artist key of the Artist that owns this Album
releasestringRelease date of this Album in YYYY-MM-DD/YYYY-MM/YYYY format, ????-??-?? if unknown
runtimeunsigned integerThe total runtime of this Album in seconds
song_countunsigned integerHow many Song's are in this Album
songsarray of Song keys (unsigned integers)Keys to all of the Song's in this Album, in track order
discsunsigned integerCount of how many "discs" are in this Album, most will be 0
artoptional (maybe null) unsigned integerSize of this Album's art in bytes, null if not found
genreoptional (maybe null) stringGenre of this Album, null if not found


  "title": "Album Title",
  "key": 100,
  "artist": 16,
  "release": "2011-07-13",
  "runtime": 2942,
  "song_count": 3,
  "songs": [
  "discs": 0,
  "art": 306410,
  "genre": null