Fuzzy similarity searches for Song's, Album's, Artist's, and Entry's.

In general: input a string, receive some objects that are similar to the input.

If you know the exact string for a Song, Album, or Artist, consider using the Map methods instead for a direct lookup.

If you know the exact key, use the Key methods instead.


These are different "kinds" of searches you can do, affecting the result output.

Each search method requires one of these as input.

All of these return objects sorted from most-to-least similar.

allALL objects will be returned
sim60Only objects 60% similar
sim70Only objects 70% similar
sim80Only objects 80% similar
top25Only the top 25 results
top5Only the top 5 results
top1Only the top result


The output array may return empty given no matches or an empty Collection:

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "songs": []
  "id": 0