🟢 Stable

This API is stable since festivald v1.0.0.

An "absolute" key to:

This object contains all the relational data of a Song, along with its filesystem PATH.

pathstring (PATH)The PATH of this Song on the filesystem festivald is running on
key_artistArtist key (unsigned integer)The Artist key
key_albumAlbum key (unsigned integer)The Album key
key_songSong key (unsigned integer)This Song's key
artiststringThe Artist name
albumstringThe Album title
songstringThis Song's title


  "path": "/home/hinto/Music/song.mp3",
  "key_artist": 0,
  "key_album": 0,
  "key_song": 0,
  "artist": "Artist Name",
  "album": "Album Title",
  "song": "Song Title"